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Created in 2011

Artistic Director: Charline Formenty

Performed by: Anne-Laure Leprince & Charline Formenty

Hunger. I'm hungry for life and justice, the hunger of you for the end of us. I'm hungry for action and activism, arrests and hideouts; sodomy without caution. And finally scream, scream my hate, my rage and my anger. And when at last I make silence, then the work will begin. A revolution in silence, without images. A generation of whom one cannot find any picture, any proof. anonymous and engaged.

I feel the warmth of the nuclear cloud burning my skin. I tenderly watch women getting raped on the internet. I see the nice fascists killing each other on TV. I touch my screen in an attempt to penetrate its meaning. I listen to the soft music of propaganda dictating my thoughts. I smell the ashes of my civilization. 


To be an actor of this puppet theater, one must be humble enough to be nobody. 

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